Range Info.

Range Hours:

Shooting hours are from 9:00 a.m. until sunset defined by Maine Wildlife and Fisheries.

Scheduled events take priority, be sure to check the club calendar.

There is No Hunting on the Property.

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Range Use:

The Skowhegan Sportsmans Club is a Member only club. Please visit our Membership section to apply as a Member.

Our events listed are Open to the Public unless noted otherwise.

Range Roads:

The Range Roads close and gates become locked in November-December depending on the weather until April- May.

The roads are expensive to fix and become rutted if we allow cars in.

During this time it is walk-in only.

It is a short walk from the Parking Lot to the Pistol Range.

The Rifle Range is a longer walk but pack light and have fun!

Range Committee:

Would you like to join the Range committee? Please use the contact form. Thank you.

Current Projects:

  • Gate System: there has been lots of ideas tossed around about gate systems. Replacing the gates in the same location they are currently but with a farm style type gate. Moving the gate up by the clubhouse. Moving the gate system closer to the road. There are several factors that need to be considered with each suggestion.  Cost, and maintenance being the top two. If you have suggestions let us know.
  • Range Supply Box
  • Range Sheds
  • Tire Removal

Range Safety:

Members of the Skowhegan Sportsmans Club have a responsibility to Read and Understand the Range Rules annually.

  • Download and familiarize yourself with the Range Rules.
  • Membership Pins/ Cards must be displayed at all times on the range, this identifies you to another member who may not know you.
  • Inspect the range for hazards before and after use.
  • No vehicles on range while shooting.
  • Obey any special directives given to you by a representative of this club.  The Range Safety Officer’s decisions are not debatable.
  • Range Use Rules may be altered for specific planned events.

Range Safety Orientation:

Safety is imperative, during our club orientation you get a complete tour of the club property.

During the tour the Chief Instructor stops at each Range location to explain the importance of how each Range location is set-up and what is expected of every Member.

You will then review the Range Rules with the Chief Instructor prior to receiving your pin.

Agreeing to (signing) a liability waiver and declaration acknowledging your responsibility as a range user.

It is your responsibility to review the Range rules annually and to reach out and ask questions as you have them.

Firearms Instruction:

If you are in need of some instruction we have many Members of the Club who will give you a helping hand.

Some of the best shooters have told us they only get better by listening to other qualified shooters.

Besides who doesn’t like a good day on the Range.

We also recommend you finding a local place that offers handgun safety courses.


  • Use paper or stick-on targets only on target stand backings. Center targets to avoid shooting frames. Do not under any circumstances staples your targets to the frames. Do not place items to shoot on the frames. Remove targets after use. Target frames & targets shall be placed so shots strike mid-berm or below.
  •  No use of glass, metal, or brittle plastic as targets on the pistol & rifle range. See Rules.
  • No Tracers, Incendiary or Exploding projectiles or targets on range.
  • Eye and Ear protection shall be worn by all on the range while the range is HOT.

Members Guests:

It is the Members responsibility to go over the Range Rules with their guests.

  •  Family, guests, or those younger than 18 must be under direct supervision by the member at all times.
  •  A limit of 2 (two) guests per member per visit.
  • A guest may visit the range with a member a maximum of 3 (three) times, after which membership is
  • Liability Form to be filled out at every visit.

Range Maintenance:

It is the Members Responsibility to keep the Range Facilities cleaner than you found it.

Each Range has brooms, magnet poles, and rakes to pick up your casings when you are done shooting.

Please put the casings in the appropriate bucket.

If you notice any Range problems please use the contact us form, thank you.

How you can help:

In addition to having a work party annually the club needs Volunteers that will assist with maintenance of the club grounds.

This club is 100% volunteer run.

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Target Repairs
  • Bringing the Trash to the Dumpster
  • Maintaining the Rifle Road ditch by clearing leaves twice a year or as needed
  • Maintaining culverts by keeping clear of any debris (sand, leaves, etc..)
  • Keeping property clear of fallen trees and branches (put into the burn pile)

Work Party Update!

Over 30 people joined the work party this past Saturday May 22, 2021!!

We had members we haven’t seen in years, members who are newly joining and the regulars! AMAZING!! People showed up with handtools, blowers, chainsaws, tractors, trailers, dump trailers, mowers, pressure washer, donation of target backing, paint, and supplies! What a success, so much was done! Thank you to Kevin for putting the day together.

The pictures sent in by John, Doug, Ray, Patty, and Ami are on Facebook Page but will get here as soon as we can!

If you have an interest in helping out, let us know. There is always an ongoing list of things needing to be done and can be done on your schedule.

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If you would like a chance to purchase any of our raffles, contact us using the Contact Us form. Thank you.

Please bring your Rifle and Ammo tickets to the June meeting.

If you cannot make it to the meeting contact the secretary using the Contact Us Form and make arrangements to get the tickets returned. Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who is selling tickets and to everyone who has purchased chances!!

Your support is appreciated!

Gun Shows:

The Range Committee works hard to set up tables at the gun shows in Maine.

During the shows Our Members who volunteer interact with the Public and tell them about the Club and also sell our Current Raffles for fundraising.

If you are not afraid to interact with people let us know, we need people at the tables who engage with the Public and draw them in.

Members are also encouraged to sign out tickets to sell to your family, friends, coworkers, this is very helpful! If you would like tickets to sign out use the contact us form.

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