Membership Meetings:


JUNE 2024 Meeting has a change from 2nd Thursday of the month tto the 3rd Thursday of the month, meeting is June 20, 2024, posted 5/28/24


Please join us at our Monthly Membership Meetings every second Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

New Members joining us for the first time and presenting your application please arrive early; about 6:30 p.m. and see the secretary so application can be processed and your questions answered. Please fill your application out completely with signature and date- turn this in to the secretary with your Membership Fee: $95.00 (please read application thouroughly).


If there is anyone who wishes to bake or purchase any refreshments for the meeting it is always appreciated.

If a meeting is cancelled due to weather or other conditions we will do our best to update the website calendar in advance.

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New Memberships:

Applications accepted year-round however orientations are held May – November, those who apply during the period where there are no orientations can attend their meetings for meeting requirements and finish their membership requirements once the first orientation is held in May. Once your Orientation is completed you will have full access to the club.

The club does not prorate Membership fees. The annual membership is due each year no by 12/31 but you have till February before the locks are changed and you cannot renew without another orientation.

Below you will find a Membership Application, please fill this out completely and bring to the Membership Meeting with Annual Dues and Membership application fee of $25.00, $95.00 total. See above Meeting information.

The application includes yourself as the primary Member, however you may bring your spouse and children under 18 years of age with you to the Range unlimited visits. They cannot come to the Range without the primary Member. Spouses are encouraged to attend orientation with the primary member. Members and their spouses/ and children under 18 fill out Liability forms one per year. 

Members guests must fill out each time (limited to 3 visits).

Most spouses who shoot regularly apply for their own Membership to support the Club and may visit the club without their spouse.

Join today and take your skills to the next level!

Learn and share tips from other shooters, advance your safety knowledge, and connect with others who practice your discipline.

For applications which are presented to the membership for the first time in November or December of a calendar year the dues will be paid through to the following calendar year. Any application presented to membership from January through October will pay full membership dues for that calendar year and then will owe dues on a yearly basis beginning the following January.

Once you become a member, join a committee or ask how you can help your club.

If you have any questions prior to joining us at a Membership Meeting please use the Contact Us Form.

Membership Application:


Annual Membership Renewals:

Renewal-for-Membership 2024

Members annual dues: January 1- December 31 Membership Year.

Shall be paid no later than December 31st of each year to avoid a Late fee of $10. or rejoining.

Applications can be downloaded and sent in to club P.O. Box.- one application will be mailed to address on file.

  • Current Annual Dues are: $70.00.
  • After January 31st: Late Fee: $10.00 totaling: $80.00
  • Life Members Dues: $20.00
  • Every year as a renewal Member you are required to fill out a membership renewal application, it must be signed/ dated and returned with ALL questions answered with your dues payment to the club mailing address.
  • Skowhegan Sportsmans Club- PO BOX 291, Skowhegan, Maine 04976                            
  • Or you may bring to the club monthly meeting or put in the indoor locked mailbox up to 12/31, located as you walk in the clubhouse meeting room to your left.
  • Remember, if your membership lapses beyond February 28th, you must rejoin as a new member, pay the initiation fee, and take another RSO range walkthrough. Please stay up to date.
  • Membership cards will be mailed out in one batch. Please send in no later than December 31st to avoid the LATE FEE and holding up processing annual Membership process. The gate lock will change as soon as the roads are good to drive on. If you are not receiving annual mailed renewal or emails use the contact us form to update your address & email.
  • Renewals are subject to approval. It is your responsibility to review the Range Rules annually.
  • As a renewing Member, you agree, to abide by the by-laws of said organization and to govern your behavior as a sportsman by observing all club rules and understand violation of any club rules may result in termination of membership
  • Bylaws: Skowhegan Sportsmans Club Bylaws RV 2021 PDF
  • Range Rules: SSC Range Rules 2021

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New Member Orientation:

  • Once your application is presented at your first meeting you will then attend the orientation as part of your Membership Commitment.
  • Agreeing to (signing) a liability waiver and declaration acknowledging your responsibility as a range user
  • Download and familiarize yourself with the Range Rules
  • All new members need to attend a Range Safety and Procedures Orientation prior to using any of the facilities.

Use our Contact Us Form.

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Gift Certificates:

Get a current Member a Gift Certificate for their Annual Renewal or purchase a Gift Certificate for your loved ones, family members, friends as a New Membership!

All Membership requirements apply.

Perfect gift for Valentines, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthday, Christmas, Appreciation/ Thank you Gift

Use the Contact Us Form and we will return your message.

Member Support:

The Skowhegan Sportsmans Club has the most amazing, awesome, incredible and fabulous volunteers!

Without these volunteers our club would not exist! Everything you see has taken time and funds of those who have been involved.

Next time you see one of these stellar people, stop and thank them for their tireless efforts, keeping things running smoothly, for the benefit for all.  Then be sure to ASK HOW YOU CAN HELP! We want to share the responsibility and not have people burn out.

An active role in your club makes it an inviting atmosphere, find a way to help whether it be behind the scenes with membership mailings and like duties or giving your time on the club property and ranges at your convenience.

It takes a lot of volunteer time to ensure things run smoothly: there is set-up, tear-down and cleaning during events, classes, meetings.

Meetings- we need tables/chairs set-up and then broken down, 50/50 ticket sellers, raffle sellers, clean up after the meeting. It is all important.

You do not have to be committed to every class, every meeting but if you can dedicate some time here and there let us know.

During the Safety Courses- we need Volunteers who can commit to helping with set-up, be there for instruction, to help with clean-up.

Club Matches: we need people who will set-up, help direct people, clean-up: it all helps!

We have general maintenance of the clubhouse, club grounds and range grounds. Mowing, Target Repairs, Maintenance of ditches and culverts.

There’s no denying that volunteers are an integral piece to the club. Volunteers are the heart and soul of who and what we are.

Your club needs you, reach out to find out how you can help. Thanks!

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Guest and Liability:

Members of the Skowhegan Sportsmans Club have a responsibility to read and understand the Range Rules.

  • It is the Members responsibility to go over the Range rules with their guests.
  •  Family, guests, or those younger than 18 must be under direct supervision by the member at all times.
  •  A limit of 2 (two) guests per member per visit.
  • A guest may visit the range with a member a maximum of 3 (three) times, after which membership is
  • Guests need to fill out a Liability Form at every visit.

Liability Form

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