Shut the gate after yourself going in and out, be sure to lock when you leave- please be sure the CODE is not left on the combination. Please be sure the flag is put away if you are the last person on the range. Also, when visiting the clubhouse pull shut and lock the door, double check prior to leaving as it was open and heat is expensive.


  • Paint steel in Pistol Range
  • Replace 50 foot target backers Pistol Range
  • Rifle range needs the posts of 100 yard steel replaced,
  • Rifle Range clean debris on entire range
  • Paint all steel
  • Puddle at 300 yard targets repair
  • lawnmowing
  • Spraying for ticks


Membership Requirement: When you have guests (2), friends or family, it is mandatory to have them fill out the Liability form. Do not risk your membership by not following the requirement.

  • It was noticed that “you” didn’t fill out any paperwork. We have a nice range, to continue to be a part of it, follow the rules.

No Smoking

The clubhouse is a non-smoking facility, please use the outdoors, please also put your butts in a can. We work hard to keep the property clean, you can too. This includes the Ranges.


Pistol Range:

Please be sure that the pull cord is kept out of the snow for the plate racks so we can enjoy throughout the winter- thanks!

Looking for Volunteers, the big ticket list items were accomplished during the work party, we now need to keep up with maintenance.

The Pistol Range Needs:

  • weed whacking
  • raking and picking up clay mounds and tossing to the side
  • moving rock pebbles in front of cover

Rifle Range Road:

In Need of raking and removing leaves in the culvert come Spring!



IMPORTANT- WANTED:  Members Who Are Instructors for

Hunter Safety & Handgun Safety for Safety and Education Team:

The Club promotes public safety by conducting Hunter Safety and firearms training for the general public and youth of our community, the club is actively looking for Member “volunteers” that are willing to dedicate time to “Supporting the Mission of the Club” who are certified and willing to teach a Safety Class for Hunter Safety or for Handgun Safety.

We also need volunteers who would be willing to assist the club in getting everything set-up to make sure the class runs smoothly.

We would like to have one of each class on the schedule for this year.

Please use the Contact Us form or, if we can get a few of our instructors together to make this happen this would be great! Thank you!

Avon Recreation & Parks Department: News

Gift Certificates Are Now Available!

 All Membership requirements apply.

Perfect gift for Valentines, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthday, Christmas, Appreciation/ Thank you Gift

Let us know if you have someone to get one for, also will be available at Club Meeting!

Club Needs/ Wants

Members agreed we should reach out and ask Membership about items the club needs or wants.

You never know what someone may no longer need or has extra of or may want to purchase and donate to the club.

You can be provided with a Tax Donation Slip.

So, we will add to the list as needed and see if we may be able to supply the club with items that would be useful.

Of course, these items must be in good working order. Thank you.

  • Pressure  washer
  • A metal box for storage like the one on the Rifle Range
  • Magnet pole for Pistol Range
  • White Target Board for Ranges, this is a regular item in need
  • Spray paint to keep the steep plates looking nice
  • ammo for guests that pop in
  • ceiling tiles
  • bed risers 2 sets of 4
  • raffle prizes

Always Need volunteers for Ongoing Club Chores

  • Clean ditch of debris from gate to bottom of hill as needed
  • Lightly sand bench tops and apply linseed
  • mow
  • weedwhack
    Clubhouse Area
    • Lawnmowing
    • Raking
    • Clearing debris
    • railing needs to be fixed on handicap ramp
    • windows
    • painting
    • roof (shingles) on back of building above cellarway needs to be replaced
    • pressure wash building

        Pistol range

        • Clean brush/ trees along road as needed
        • Clean leaves in drainage ditches as needed
        • weedwhack
        • clearing clay mounds and raking