Category: General Long Gong 22 Match- Rifle Range- Rifle Range closed unless Particpating, Pistol Range is open for Pistol shooting

Long Gong 22 Match- Rifle Range- Rifle Range closed unless Particpating, Pistol Range is open for Pistol shooting

October 1, 2023

Long Gong Rules

  • Gate opens at 8 for set up only
  • Sight In Begins at 9:00 a.m
  • New Participants must qualify at 300 yards
  • 20 person maximum
  • All safety rules will be followed
  • Must be present for Rules and Qualification prior to event start
  • Match begins after sight in approximately 10:00 a.m. Till Done- no later than 5 p.m. depending on amount of participants
  • Match Fee: $50.00
  • Prizes based on Points
  • 5 rounds of 10 During Match

Long Gong was started in Surry Maine by Robert Duhaime.

Long Gong is skills test shooting at an 8 6 and 4 inch Gong.
It has been spreading worldwide.
We are happy to host our first match at Skowhegan Sportsmans Club.
Rules can be found on Facebook under LongGong
Rules added for those who could not download:
THE GAME-This is a 300yd shoo?ng challenge using rifles chambered in 22lr only. The object is
to shoot the highest score possible.
THE TARGET- The targets are AR400 3/16” thick rimfire gongs, an 8”, a 6”, and a 4” gong. Each
gong has a value, 1 point for the 8”, 2 points for the 6”, and 3 points for the 4” gong.
THE SETUP- From a bench rest (limited to bipods and bags, no sleds) each shooter, with 10
rounds of ammuni?on begins by shoo?ng for the 8” gong. The shooter has a 3-minute ?me
limit to complete their round, the clock starts with their first shot.
THE ORDER- If the shooter hits the 8”, they score 1 point and now can choose to advance to the
6” gong or con?nue shoo?ng for the 8” gong. If the shooter advances to the 6” gong and
connects, that hit is worth 2 points, and they now can choose to shoot for the 4” gong.
EXAMPLE-(Dave shoots and hits the 8” gong, scoring 1 point. Dave says he’s going to shoot for
the 6”, he hits it scoring 2 more points. Dave says he’s going for the 4” gong, shoots and misses
scoring a zero, and now must move back to the 6” gong. If Dave misses his shot on the 6”, he
will score another zero and be forced to move back to the 8” gong. If Dave hits the 6” he’ll
score 2 points and again have the opportunity to shoot at the 4” gong.)
THE RULES-The shooter must tell the scorekeeper when they switch gongs. A hit only counts if
it’s a solid gong hit, chain hits do not count. If the shooter misses, they must go back one gong.
If the shooter shoots the wrong gong, it counts as a zero and the shooter must resume shoo?ng
on the correct gong.
THE SCORE- The score is totaled a?er each shooter, with a possible high score of 27 points
(1+2+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3=27). A complete game has every shooter fire 5 complete sets for a
total of 50 rounds of ammuni?on (1 full box). The highest possible score for a compe??on is
135 points. In case of a ?e score, the winner is determined by the shooter with the highest
single round score.
THE COMPETITORS- The order of the shooters in the first set is determined by drawing
numbered chips, and in each successive set the order of the shooters is determined by the
scores, with the lowest score shoo?ng first. If two or more shooters have iden?cal scores,
whoever shot the score ini?ally will shoot first in the following round. (If Tom shoots an 11, and
then Dave also shoots an 11, Tom will go before Dave in the following round.)
THE CHALLENGE- Hi?ng gongs at 300yds with a 22lr is challenging. Hi?ng them repeatedly
under changing condi?ons requires all the fundamentals used by the best long-distance
shooters in the world. Do you think you have what it takes?

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